Shearwater Associates Ltd

At Shearwater, we have been initiating and collaborating in creative and educational projects for over 25 years. We write, we edit, we publish.

Writers We develop and deliver content for visitor experience. We are specialists in signage for museum exhibitions, heritage sites and trails and other visitor attractions, including scripting for interactive media and AVs.

We are experts in the writing of creative non-fiction for publication.

Editors We offer a full range of editorial services for authors and publishers – from major structural work to copyediting and proofreading.

We have in-depth experience of commissioning reo Māori translation and working with reo Māori in English texts.

Publishers We take publishing projects from concept to delivery – from creative non-fiction to textbooks to poetry.

We publish under our own imprint, Shearwaters, as well as on commission. We facilitate self-publishing.