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Review of Toiapiapi in the December/January edition of nzmusician

Toiapiapi’ is a gorgeous package of confirmation, continuation, longing and hope, both musically and culturally.




Songs from Dr Hirini Melbourne-Toiapiapi 25 year anniversary

Te Ahi Kaa — RNZ 30 October 2016

‘A 1991 edition of the Hirini Melbourne’s song book Toiapiapi proved so rare that the publisher of its re-release had to source a copy from the online shopping site,

The book’s second edition was recently launched in Wellington among some of the Māori artists that worked with him on the original… Read more and listen here


Relaunch of Toiapiapi, 2016, Te Karere, 7 October, 2016



Reviews of the first edition of Toiapiapi, 1991

‘Hirini Melbourne has gone back to the ancient instruments and allied these with his deep-felt heritage as a Ngai Tuhoe, of the “Children of the Mist” … The sounds of the wind, rain and birds are also the sounds the ancestors heard, and these are also the sounds and evocations of Melbourne’s sung poems.’

– David Simmons, NZ Herald, 29 January 1994


Toiapiapi is a joyful product of a decade’s research into taonga puoro by Hirini Melbourne and Richard Nunns… it’s an essential resource for kohanga, iwi stations and Melbourne’s fans: he’s one of the most prolific and underrated Maori composers alive… Toiapiapi is bound to become part of the standard repertoire.’

– Rangi Chadwick, Evening Post, 10 September 1993